Dan and Steph easy, healthy pizza recipe is the perfect winter dinner!


-1 store bought cauliflower pizza (from the cold section)
-2 tbs pesto -½ cup grated cheese -Top with garlic aioli & rocket -toasted pumpkin seeds -Mushroom ragu -400g mixed mushrooms, chopped roughly -5 sprigs of thyme
-2 tbs butter Or nuttelex
-2 tbs of cream cheese


1.     In a large pot, add the butter over high heat - add the chopped mixed mushrooms - season with some salt

2.     Add thyme sprigs & cook well until softening

3.     Add cream cheese & a dash of water

4.     Stir well & cook down to a nice creamy ragu - remove from heat

5.     Spread pesto over pizza base

6.     Add mushroom ragu

7.     Top with cheese & bake in hot oven until golden

8.     To serve, top with rocket leaves, toasted pumpkin seeds & a drizzle of garlic aioli